Saturday, 24 September 2016

It was only recently that I started thinking about blogging again. I had been doing it quite regularly for a year, but stopped after I started working full time. I felt like I didn’t have anything interesting to blog about anymore. Instead, I kept notes about what I did in a journal, but lost interest in that as well.

I think I really missed the feeling of reviewing my day and reflecting on what I did. Blogging for me is like a self perpetuating cycle that helps me live a busy ,fulfilling life. Be active for more blog content> Blog to be more active> and on and on and on.

It’s Spring now, but I feel like I’m just now waking from my winter hibernation of Pokemon hunting, binge eating and zero productivity rates. I feel like I have 101 things I want to do and write about.


Recently my primary school friend, YZ decided to get a tattoo and she asked me to go with her. The tattoo parlor she chose was in Windsor, so it was the perfect opportunity to try some food from that side of town.

Our first stop was a cafe on Chapel Street called Journeyman. It had a zomato rating of 4.2 stars, and my zomato threshold is 3.5 stars so I was definitely looking forward to this meal.

YZ and I were seated at the large communal table, which was perfectly cosy. I ordered the Journeyman eggs benedict, with pulled pork, cider vinegar hollandaise, apple and spinach.

The crisp apple on top was a really nice touch. Without it, I think the eggs benedict would have felt like a bit of a heavier meal. But this was perfect for my mood, with the flavours of the apple and cider vinegar hollandaise really coming through the poached egg and pulled pork.

Ta-da! Compliments to the chef.

YZ ordered the smashed avocado on sourdough. It came with goats cheese, tomatoes, lime, baby sorrel and sriracha. Although it normally comes with poached eggs, we swapped it out for poached. YZ’s not a fan of cheese, but I tried it with and thought the spiciness of the sriracha was really nice contrast against the thickness of avo and cheese.

Overall, I think Journeyman’s zomato rating is well deserved and would definitely recommend it.

1.30 AM

This is when YZ booked her appointment. They were runnning behind on time so we chilled out on the couch chatting away. The drawing of the tattoo and making sure it was just right took longer than the actual time it took to tattoo the design on.

YZ got a paper crane on her ankle, around the size of a toddler’s fist. I think it came out very elegantly, but won’t show you any picture at the moment, because the only one I have has shows her bleeding.


While looking for a park, YZ and I passed Doughnut time. I couldn’t resist going back to try it out, even though I’m being careful about what I eat. Doughnut time is really small, the donut display is right up against the shopfront window, and you pay through a little counter at the entrance, without entering the actual shop at all. I bought two donuts, the one and the vegan one with the peanut butter and sprinkles on top.

I took this picture later. It is so. BEAUTIFUL.


Each donut was six dollars. I ended up really regretting buying them because:

  1.  I have no self control and ate both;
  2. I could have really saved that $12; and
  3. I have this philosophy on treats, where, if I can look at the treat and the ingredient list and imagine what it will taste like, then I probably don’t need to buy it.

It tasted exactly like you might think it would. Really, no matter how great it looks, it’s a donut. Still a donut. Will only be a donut.


I got a call out of the blue the day before from YL, she was back in town for the weekend since her boyfriend ML had flown in for the week from Perth. We ended up playing board games and ordering take away from Penang Flavours.

Penang Flavours is a relatively close Malaysian restaurant. I never have to wait long to pick up food and the prices are cheap. Although their menu is limited, they do everything they say they do really well.

After playing Burgle Bros, YL, ML and I settled down in front of the TV because we were too brain dead from playing the game. YL showed me a channel called the Korean Englishman, where Josh (the host), brought his friend around, showing them Korea, and filming their reaction. I loved watching his friend Johnny get scurbbed down at a korean sauna.


I also managed to convert YL and ML to my little k-hip hop scene by making them watch Show me the money 5. It’s very much like The Voice but with rappers. I don’t know why, but I think the conservative nature of Korea kind of tones down the hardness of hip hop and makes it much more relatable. I think it’s a bonus that I can mostly understand what they’re trying to say, partly because I’ve been listening to the songs on repeat.

While we were watching, ML realised that he had some of the songs from the show in his spotify playlist. That’s how good the songs are. Trust me.


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