Sunday, 25 September 2016


A late start to the day today. My family had decided that I would cook for them this week, and I had my meal prep to do which normally takes ages, although a lot of that time is inactive cooking time.

I had put some pumpkin pieces in the slow cooker yesterday so in the morning it was super soft and ready for mushing. Pumpkin mush+old cooked rice= pumpkin porridge. Yum. The last time I made this, I put in a lot of artificial sweetener but I didn’t think it was necessary this time.

Next up, I prepped the lamb shoulder I was going to slow cook for dinner. I made this recipe up, and if it was any better, I would write it out…but it wasn’t.

I seared the lamb in the pot, and dumped it in the slow cooker with a container of on-sale mushrooms. The marinade was a Korean style marinade, which didn’t suit because of the fattiness and flavour of the lamb. Not bad, not great.

I also made some vegetable side dishes from recipes off korean bapsang. Korean side dishes are just so simple that I feel like I’m cheating. I usually cook the veg by blanching, so I can save on washing pots. I made an eggplant dish, a spinach dish and a chinese cabbage dish to wrap the lamb in. Very productive. Gold star.

Finally I made a Mexican style bean, corn and capsicum dish seasoned with paprika and pre-made taco seasoning. The capsicum was from my balcony garden and absolutely way too cute. So small!


A meal prep day is never complete without a trip to Coles to snap up random ingredients. ❤ Please sponsor me.



We normally eat quite early because it takes the parents an hour and half to come up from Mornington and they have to get home before 9.00PM so their employee can clock off. Just like Cinderella, except not at all.

The parents didn’t tell me that they brought food as well, so we ended up having way too much. It was a good feast.

My brother received a deck of souvenir cards from his friend who visited America, so we played big2 Shangy style until 7.00PM. I didn’t do too well.



Me time. I spent the rest of the night setting up this blog and watching my new favourite show. It’s called: “I Live Alone (나 혼자 산다)”. It’s a Korean show, where they follow celebrities who live alone for one day, from the moment they open their eyes until they go back to sleep.

I think it really resonates with me because I live alone too. Most of the celebrities don’t have a fixed workday like I do,  but I find it refreshing to see how each guest lives differently and their philosophies on life. Some are crazy spontaneous, some are busy bees who can’t stop working and some are complete hermits.

The show films the celebrity and then films them watching themselves with a fixed cast. Providing commentary throughout the clips. Sometimes, there are no guests, but you watch one of the fixed cast members go through their day. One particular show I watched had a cast member leave the show and in his closing video, he mentioned that through the show, the audience found out more about him and his lifestyle, but for him, he discovered himself.

I think living alone is very introspective. You spend all this time alone, free from distraction. Everything that happens, is because of you. You have no-one else to blame and no-one else to praise. In that sense, I think you end up confronting yourself, who you are and who you want to be.

I couldn’t recommend it more.



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