Why I Choose to Live Alone

I’m always met with surprise when I tell people I live on my own. There’s the preliminary ‘Oh, but you’re so young’ surprise but also the ‘How come?’ question right behind it.

In the end, all my favourite things about living alone, are just facets of being alone. Here are the top three things I love about living alone.

Freedom & Autonomy

Absolute freedom.

We all spend so much time being careful and considerate of others in social and work settings, that having that time to be selfish is incredibly valuable.

I can have spontaneous dinner parties and make up voices for my cat without a care. I love not having to consider anyone else at home. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without being a disturbance to anybody else or have anyone judge me.

I come and leave knowing that nobody’s sleep is disturbed. I don’t have to report my social activities to anyone. I choose exactly how I want my space to look. I could go on forever.


I know that everything that happens at home is a direct result of my own actions. I take responsibility because if I don’t, no one else will.

If you’ve lived with anyone else, you have negotiated who does the chores  on the polite end of the spectrum, and on a bad day you’ve fought over whose mess is whose to clean up.

I’ve never felt cheated because I had to do more than my fair share of dishes nor felt guilty for leaving the bathroom in a mess.


I enjoy my own peace.

Nobody disturbs me. Anyone who has had a roommate in a relationship might understand that it’s never pleasant to be subject to that certain awkward situation where you don’t have anywhere better to be, but don’t want to stay and listen to their rambunctious love making.



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