Friday, 30 September 2016


Today I had lunch with my aunt at Mr Wednesday in Fairfield. Mr Wednesday is Brooklyn cool and Melbourne hipster disguised as a hole in the wall bruncherie.

I had so much trouble choosing from the menu, but in the end, decided to go with Mrs. Crunch, a brioche jaffle croque madame with bechamel, ham off the bone and swisse cheese topped with a fried egg and pickles.

It hit the spot. I love the sweetness of brioche bread. The egg was a little on the crisp side but not unbearably so. At first I thought the portion would be too small, but Mr Wednesday knows me better than I know myself, I felt full without an ounce of bloat.

From your resident coffee pleb, I also have high praise for their coffee blends. I tried the Spring blend and the secondary floral and vanilla flavours were very much present.

My Aunt had the Sir Benedict pictured below.

My Aunt had just returned from a holiday in China and it was lovely to catch up. She doesn’t have any kids, apart from her furbaby, Plumber, so I try to visit her often.

Plumber is a red heeler, an Australian breed with tons of energy and still zipping around at 9 and a half years old. When my Aunt was away, Plumber boarded at a kennel. He gained two kilos in a month from too much love, that’s 10% of his body weight! To help him shred for summer, I took him on  a walk.

He’s a good boy.


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