Saturday, 1 October 2016


It’s a month into Spring in Australia, but it remains quite chilly. Of course, down in Melbourne we never experience steady seasons.

I spent early afternoon prepping my Spring crop. I’m a month late but it’s still harsh and windy out on the balcony so I’m starting them all in pots indoors.

I’ve planted an assortment of chillies and tomatoes, as well as onions, cucumbers, spinach, lettuce and eggplant.

My little garden to be has taken over the TV cabinet and Pear’s cat tree. Pear doesn’t mind, she prefers to relax on the couch.



I was invited to go clubbing yesterday, but didn’t because I rolled my ankle. Instead, I caught up with my friends from Chinese School, back in the day.

We visited Manchuria, a spacious bar in the CBD. The entrance is unassuming and I walked past it before doubling back and hesitating before going in. Never fear, continue up the poorly lit concrete steps and enter through the heavy double doors.

The decor is very boho chic-esque with hanging drapes and wooden alcoves. It could have been where all the cool kids hung out in Agrabah.

I highly recommend the lemon drop martini in the bottom picture.

How cute are we.

We had some more friends join us by the end of the night. A good ending to the day.


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