Sunday, 2 October 2016


Meal prep Sunday rolls right around again

Today’s main protein dish is a pork loin roast.

I adapted a recipe that I found online: here.

The thing with living alone is that it’s really hard to have all the ingredients on hand. For example, if I use half a garlic, what am I going to do with the other half? Rather than eating in at home, all the wastage adds up and it might even be cheaper for me to eat out, unless I take the shortcuts I do.

I can highly recommend buying pre-minced ginger and garlic and leaving it in the fridge. This way, you can use as much as you need and store the rest for another time.

I also stock up on ingredients that have a long expiry date and are as natural as possible. Although I’m not overly concerned about processed food, I do try to avoid them when I can. Products like rice, dried beans and spices are pantry staples you can always rely on in a pinch.

My other adaptations to the recipe, detailed below, were made because of cost and diet reasons.

  1. I added sliced Wombok (Chinese Cabbage) and chopped up Potatoes into the slow cooker before I added the Pork Loin.
  2. The recipe uses Pork Shoulder, but I used Pork Loin, only because it was on special at my local supermarket.
  3. I replaced the nine-tenths of the brown sugar in the recipe with stevia and  kept a little bit of the brown sugar for flavour.
  4. In the marinade, I used pre minced ginger and garlic and estimated the amount needed.

After that, I compiled it all in the slow cooker and placed it on low, aiming for it to be ready in approximately 8 hours.


It was very windy today. My spinach crop got tossed to the floor on my balcony by an angry gust of wind. What a waste.


Many years ago, when I was looking for books, ‘The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’ by Jonas Jonasson was trending at the top. Last week, I saw a copy of it on sale for $10 AUD at my local bookstore and picked it up.

I tried walking on the treadmill and reading it at the same time, but I really think it’s an armchair kind of book. It’s not written in a style that I’m normally used to, but I find the book humorous and I’ll definitely be finishing this books.


Dinner with the family again, this time at my Aunt’s house.

My parents don’t really understand the whole western eat-from-one-plate concept, and each time they prepare something like salmon with veg in butter, they also make sure to make at least three chinese dishes to share and a soup.

Fat fatty Plumber isn’t allowed inside, so he watches us from the back door.


My Pork Loin is done!

It was falling apart so I couldn’t make it look nice.

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