Saturday, 8 September 2016


I visited my local hardware and gardening store because it was closing down. They ran out of worms, so I had to visit another store, but that’s okay. It’s worth it for 500 more pets for my composting worm farm. Eat my leftovers, my pretties.

I also bought a lime plant, beetroot seedlings and a strawberry plant. I also managed to get a free seedling tray from the nice lady at the counter. Life is good.



I spent the rest of  of my afternoon, making a new planner for next year. I ordered a Raydori (a more cost effective take on the very pricey Midori Traveler’s notebook). The Midori traveler’s notebook is both a concept and product. It’s essentially a system consisting of a sturdy cover, with thin notebooks titled ‘inserts’, that you can remove and attach and customise.The notebooks come in as many styles as you would like, from planners to notebooks and sketchbooks. Lined or gridded or blank, it’s your paradise.

img_5968-2I ordered the Field Notes size Raydori because I have a small collection of field notes notebooks.

I ruled up one of my dot-graph grid notebooks to a format somewhat similar to the Hobonichi monthly pages.

This way, I have a monthly planner that will sit perfectly inside my Raydori for little more than a fw hours of effort.

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