About Me


My name is Lucy. I live alone. And this blog is about just that, me living alone and how to live alone.


That’s me in  my little title picture. The one with the bun, living in apartment number 4 with my cat, Pear. Apartment number 3 is my neighbour with the dachshund puppy and a lovely lady who turns the TV up lives in apartment number 5 .

I didn’t always live by myself though. I lived normally in a four person household until I was 17. My parents were attentive but always working, and when I was 17 they moved out of our house, to a sleepy seaside town called Mornington for work. I was 17 and in high school, my older brother was 22 and in University.

This was my golden age. No rent, no supervision. The only thing my brother came home to do was sleep, preoccupied with his busy university social life and two part-time jobs.

My mother came back to the house once a week to bring us home-cooked food and to take all our washing back to Mornington. I used to visit my parents and live with them for the weekend.

The visits from my mum and the visits to my parents’ home in Mornington continued throughout my four year university life. During this time, relatives and distant friends would always stay with us because we had the space. For a year, it was my older cousin, she was great. Other times it would be my aunt’s best friend or a particularly enterprising family friend and her daughter and it was suffocating.

At 21, my brother moved out into an apartment. Half a year later, my uncle passed away and my aunt moved in semi-permanently while she reset her life to build her dream home. She brought her Australian cattle dog, Plumber, with her.

After a few more months, my parents sold the house and my aunt, Plumber and I moved into a smaller home.

I started working full time, which involved rotations at different locations. During this year, I roomed with my brother for three or four months, then moved back with my aunt for several months and by my third rotation, I had finally moved out into a small one bedroom apartment 15 minutes away from my brother, to where I currently live now with my cat, Pear, just like my title picture.

In this personal blog, you will find my thoughts on living alone, philosophies I’ve discovered and my daily life blogs about picking up new hobbies I will never quite finish.

Always at the ready, living life on standby. This is Lucy On Standby. 

Welcome to my blog.



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