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Prep For Solo Living

So you’ve decided to live on your own. Congratulations!

I hope you’ll find it as fulfilling and carefree as I do. There are a million things to prepare when you decide to move out on your own, and you will have to take care of most of them yourself.

Everyone knows that you need to organise utilities and furniture before the big move day. What else is there?

Here are some friendly reminders to consider tasks that are often overlooked.

Emergency Plans

You’re on your own and you cut yourself on meal prep Sunday. What will you do? What if you trip and break a bone? What happens then?

We never want to imagine the worst, but it might just save you. I highly recommend getting to know your neighbours and making sure they or your building manager has a copy of your emergency contacts.

Community Rules

Each council and municipality has different rules from how many pets you’re allowed to have to when it’s your bin day and where you’re supposed to park. If you live in an apartment like I do, you might be subject to even more restrictions.

Make sure you read the community rules carefully and know who to contact if you have any questions.

Check for Defects

Whether you’re renting or buying, make sure you carefully inspect for defects. The last thing you want to do is have to fix any defects that you are not responsible for, or try to put up with a leaking air conditioner unit for two years.

Take photos and collect proof of any defects and lodge them immediately. Unfortunately, the more time after the completion of a building, it becomes more difficult to get a construction company to respond and take responsibility. Take it from me, I got suckered with an extra 1K+ bill for body corporate because the legal fees and improvements to the building had ballooned over the budget.

Good luck and happy living!


Saturday, 15 November 2016


If there were any more of us we might have needed a mini bus. YZ and I arrived just after ML, and VZ, LV and SW came a little later.


1000 steps. The first time I went with VZ, I swear I died 100 times it was so embarrassing. I cam back twice more since then and have been getting much better. Each time though, I was with someone who was there for the first time, and I managed to take rests when they did.

Today, VZ and I powered along at the start so quickly that we were too far ahead to realise that we lost YZ and ML. I really started to feel it in the last 100 metres, and felt like chucking once I reached the top.

Bleurghh. After 10 or so minutes though, I started to feel fine again, and met up with YZ and ML on our way down.



This is the piggery of the Piggery Cafe, which is just 10 minutes away from 1000 steps. Both piggies (Bubbles and Squeak) were right up the end, and I did not want to get any closer because wow, it was stanky.

We all chose to chow down on burgers. ML,SW, LV and I chose the Wagyu Beef (pictured). It tasted so so good, but when you’re hungry, everything tastes good.


Friday, 14 October 2016


I saw a Matilda the musical today. Oh my goodness, the kids were soo cute!

My friend who had seen Matilda earlier in the season mentioned that her Matilda didn’t enunciate everything properly, so at times it was difficult to hear. There are several kids who play each role so we didn’t have any of that with our Matilda.

I went with LV, KY and AH, and we had a bite at Ho Chi Mama beforehand. I got there late and had already eaten so I didn’t partake in the feast.

During the musical, LV and I managed to sit behind these two really tall gentlemen so we struggled to see. After the intermission, the family next to us didn’t come back for some reason, so LV and I took advantage of the view.


After Matilda, we visited Dessert House to try the trendy Japanese style raindrop cake (on the left). Although Dessert House is a franchise from Hong Kong, it seems like Japanese desserts were trending because we also had Kanken, a clear noodle type dessert with fruit and matcha milk. Lastly, on the far right, we have Japanese style brownies wrapped in some kind of rice cake.

Verdict: Not worth the money. The raindrop cake and kanken literally tasted like glutinous water/jelly? The brownies were nice, but keep in mind that every dish was around $10+.

Still it’s one of those things that you want to try just once.

Wednesday,  12 October 2016


A rushed gym session after work. Well done.


I finally caught up with KTP. She had just returned from a 3 month trip from America and Cambodia and had much to share.

I had been craving laksa the past few days so we ate at Papa Rich in Glen Waverley. One seafood laksa for KTP and one chicken laksa for me.


I took this shot with my new phone. Doesn’t it look great? It took ages for me to publish this draft because the file was so large!