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Saturday, 15 November 2016


If there were any more of us we might have needed a mini bus. YZ and I arrived just after ML, and VZ, LV and SW came a little later.


1000 steps. The first time I went with VZ, I swear I died 100 times it was so embarrassing. I cam back twice more since then and have been getting much better. Each time though, I was with someone who was there for the first time, and I managed to take rests when they did.

Today, VZ and I powered along at the start so quickly that we were too far ahead to realise that we lost YZ and ML. I really started to feel it in the last 100 metres, and felt like chucking once I reached the top.

Bleurghh. After 10 or so minutes though, I started to feel fine again, and met up with YZ and ML on our way down.



This is the piggery of the Piggery Cafe, which is just 10 minutes away from 1000 steps. Both piggies (Bubbles and Squeak) were right up the end, and I did not want to get any closer because wow, it was stanky.

We all chose to chow down on burgers. ML,SW, LV and I chose the Wagyu Beef (pictured). It tasted so so good, but when you’re hungry, everything tastes good.