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Friday, 14 October 2016


I saw a Matilda the musical today. Oh my goodness, the kids were soo cute!

My friend who had seen Matilda earlier in the season mentioned that her Matilda didn’t enunciate everything properly, so at times it was difficult to hear. There are several kids who play each role so we didn’t have any of that with our Matilda.

I went with LV, KY and AH, and we had a bite at Ho Chi Mama beforehand. I got there late and had already eaten so I didn’t partake in the feast.

During the musical, LV and I managed to sit behind these two really tall gentlemen so we struggled to see. After the intermission, the family next to us didn’t come back for some reason, so LV and I took advantage of the view.


After Matilda, we visited Dessert House to try the trendy Japanese style raindrop cake (on the left). Although Dessert House is a franchise from Hong Kong, it seems like Japanese desserts were trending because we also had Kanken, a clear noodle type dessert with fruit and matcha milk. Lastly, on the far right, we have Japanese style brownies wrapped in some kind of rice cake.

Verdict: Not worth the money. The raindrop cake and kanken literally tasted like glutinous water/jelly? The brownies were nice, but keep in mind that every dish was around $10+.

Still it’s one of those things that you want to try just once.